WRUP: And another thing edition

WRUP: And another thing edition

It turns out I’m still angry! I mean, why exactly are you this reluctant to just go ahead and say “beta” at this point? What do you think is magically going to change? The obvious argument would be that you know the game isn’t actually in a beta state, but if that were the case you shouldn’t be claiming it’s technically there anyhow! These words do actually mean things, and they’re not just there to mark time while it seems like forward progress is made.

It gets even more ridiculous because forward progress is actually being made! This isn’t just an illusion, things are actually happening! It’s just this insane sense of compensation, as if now that beta has gotten delayed you have to pretend things are going faster than they actually went, and really maybe we just need to stop pretending open development is a good time? This might be a gigantic problem with our industry wherein we think this is good but it actually sets up unrealistic expectations, especially with online games where the course of development is never really steady…

What was I talking about again? Uh… What Are You Playing, something something, badgers or whatever.

Bonus question: How late do you have to sleep before you feel you’ve overslept on the weekend?

Andy McAdams: I’m back in World of Warcraft. I’ve decided that WoW is a lot like going home for me. You walk in expecting all this dysfunction on multiple levels and you are never disappointed. In fact, you find the dysfunction a little endearing – yeah it’s a mess, but it’s my mess, you know? There’s every chance in the world, just like when I actually go home, that that “endearing mess” will turn to “annoying mess” and then eventually devolve into “infuriating mess” where I’ll probably meander back into the ether to Eorzea or Tamriel or… who knows where else.

10:00 a.m. and I start to feel like the day is getting away from me, 11:00 a.m. and it’s all over and I might as well give up on the whole day.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I kind of fell into a Lord of the Rings Online wormhole this week, so I’ll probably play that this weekend until I’m properly burned out.

8:30 or so on the weekend is perfect. If it inches toward 9, I start to feel like I’ve lost too much of the day. To be fair, I keep a somewhat tight sleep schedule to help with insomnia.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): There are going to be a number of hunts in both Dauntless and Monster Hunter World, a few trips through leveling content in Torchlight III, and a little bit of RP in Final Fantasy XIV where I can manage it.

On the days that qualify as my weekend, I tend to feel like waking at 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. is the point of oversleep. “Lucky” for me, I never seem to wake up any later than 8:00 a.m.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Finally, I’m done reviewing a game I rather disliked… that means I can actually do more things I like, which mostly means a spot of stuff in FFXIV and I don’t know what else. I have a big pile of games. Sometimes it’s paralyzing.

Personally, I’m happiest if I wake up at 7. After going to bed at around 2. If I could just not sleep at all, that’d be killer.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): I’ve been playing Valorant and even some Absolver recently. Absolver is such an incredible game. I’m still battling with the LOTRO site to play the game, although I finally was able to get an email confirmation that an account was created, so maybe, just maybe a I’ll be able to play it.

If I somehow sleep until 10, I’ve lost a lot of day. I stay up so late that without yelling or random noises my body will sleep late too. Fortunately, there’s plenty of loud sound to get me up.

Tyler Edwards (blog): I wanted something relaxing, so I’ve dipped into my Steam backlog and started working my way through Dungeons II. I’m playing the series out of order, so I’ve already played the third one, but in at least some ways I actually prefer this one. I’m also sampling an open alpha of Gatewalkers, an ARPG/survival game with some really cool ideas.

Bonus question: Ha ha ha, implying that “weekends” mean anything to me or that I have anything resembling a sleep schedule…

Every Saturday, join the Massively OP community and staff for What Are You Playing, our roundup of what MMORPGs and other games we’re hoping to play this weekend (with a bonus question or two for our amusement). Tell us what you’re up to! Go off-topic! And don’t forget to have fun!

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Andy Turner
Andy Turner

I played motherlands on wow with my gf while not worrying about how my software development is coming along because business partners can always seem to tell when a dev like me is slacking. How!?


ESO atm, kinda fell in love with my Woodelf Necromancer and having more fun than I expected to have after my previous brief stints into the game. I even subscribed to ESO+. I especially appreciated the progress they made with the Dungeons and story in Summersend. Best zone so far even if I still think it’s a bit thin as the main part of an expansion(as was the case for Morrowind’s main zone).

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Ashfyn Ninegold

FFXIV at present. After years away from the game, I realized it has all kinds of things I enjoy. Was surprised to find I had characters on three worlds, including one on the Japanese server. Then I remembered when it re-launched the US servers were iffy, so I went with the Japanese. But I had made decent progress on one of the US worlds and that’s where I went this time.

In between leveling, I’m watching the Steam sale news, but not seeing anything interesting. Playing a little PoE on the side, enjoying my Earthshatter Juggernaut. The shatter mechanic is fun. Harvest has tolerable mechanics if you are not a min-maxxer and the crafting for SSF leveling is actually pretty awesome.

Bonus question: Got up for years at 6:00 to be a work at 7:45 so I could leave by 4:15, beating the public transit crush on both ends. If I’m not up by 9, I feel the morning is shot, because it is. So once it gets past 10:30, there’s really no reason to get up until I feel like it. As I lounge, I send a prayer up to my mother, who used to wake us every day at 7:00 with, “Hit the deck! Up and at ’em! Every man a tiger!”

Damon Anderson
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Damon Anderson

Well as I am now in I think it’s month maybe 6 of not having a PC or WiFi, for gaming I have been playing my PS2, I just finished Lord of the Rings, Third Age, very fun turn based rpg, I just purchased Summoner very “classic” but seems like it is going to be fun. Other games for PS2 that I am working on also, there are less RPG’s available for that system than I thought there would be, there are some that appeal, I have been trying to find Everquest Champions of Norrath, no luck finding it at my local games stores, perhaps I will order it from eBay, oh yeah there is of course several Final Fantasy titles for PS2 but I have FF10 and it seems there are no HP bars for the mobs and that bothered me a bit so not sure about the other FF titles that are available. I discovered my FB account was conveniently activated, although I had de-activated, it awhile ago so I occasionally check that out as there were games and gaming companies I follow, that’s fun. I downloaded Albion for Android a few days ago as I recently got a new phone, but it doesn’t meet system req’s, thought I would try it anyway but it would not install, I really miss AO, had alot of fun despite the fact that in truth I barely spoke to anyone and did not make any friends, pretty much, was in a couple guilds but for the most part I seemed to be the only person in them that was ever online, couple people I got to hangout with a little bit, not much though, however still most fun I have had in an MMO in quite some time, and I am at my best soloing I think, have been since UO, didn’t work out so well in EQ, then more solo friendly titles seemed to become much more so the norm, I suppose WOW had a role in that, although I did not play that till I think BC era if I recall correctly, I remember having the install disc I had to take it to my local video store at the time to use their disc scratch repair service when I wanted to reinstall it at one point when I was was bouncing back and forth between WOW and EQ2, so obviously I did, did I mention I just turned 50 on Thursday. Sooo anyway, thanks to all at MOP and those that leave comments etc to read that help me keep in touch with the MMO Universe I love so much, not in a weird way, anymore anyway, I have some back years of tax returns to do so perhaps will invest in a laptop and get internet power turned back on maybe in a few months, there’s a “but”…. maybe I will wait till around Christmas, probably that, nothing is static as far as I know, don’t resist what is, but resistance is not futile, perhaps, well it’s not of this I am aware, oh yeah I also was playing Star Trek Conquest for PS2, pretty cool…


Did you eschew PC+internet on purpose or is it just a financially motivated move?

Damon Anderson
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Damon Anderson

Mostly financial, although I was also having some technical issues I could not resolve.

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Brazen Bondar

Haven’t been feeling like playing much lately. I’ll check into SWTOR and see if the mount I’m looking for is on sale but that will probably be it. I just came in for the bonus question: for me its not a question of what time, but how long has passed since I finally went to bed. If I hit the bed at 3:00 am and sleep past 11:00 am..that’s going to be too much. Although quarantine did make even that wacky and unpredictable.


Mostly LOTRO.

I’m impressed with how they managed to contine the game after the main story of the Tolkien books was completed. The new zones as well as the epic story quests are as interesting as before.


I’m impressed how they arrived at Aragon’s wedding after 13yrs while staying mostly faithful to their initial design-philosophies.

Malcolm Swoboda
  • Wizards Unite – Fully completed the anniversary event and now on a ‘wizarding weekend’ half done pretty easily!
  • Another Eden – Completed the 2nd or 3rd last story dungeon of the base game, and did pretty well. Still working on some Kill 100 achievements before I either check out an ‘episode’s content or actually try to ‘finish’ the game. At this rate I might actually pass my last account’s point in story content next month :P
  • Magikarp Splash – Suspended.
  • Magia Record – Logins. Shame I didn’t keep up with this because the ‘Season 1’ is finally all released and there’s an ‘epic’ ending ‘raid’ event that is themed after the end of the original anime if anyone here knows that. But free 10pulls each day is okay :).
  • Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Logins.
  • Blade xLord – Dailies and some events. Maybe advancing the story soon!
  • Mass For the Dead – Yep, I’m done. Now that phone is fixed I’ll ignore the cheaply made games that just happened to be interesting enough and have working sound.
  • Sub to my Adventure – Suspended.
  • Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – Logins…. might uninstall very shortly in prep for Sinoalice and other games. When it doesn’t work it doesn’t work! UPDATE: Yup I saved the transfer code and removed it.
  • Guardian Tales – Finished the World 8 and that was cute and had a lot of Phoenix Wright references. Now just doing a filler quest and dailies every day as I gradually get my characters to a better level. I’m actually getting some of the unique event rewards too.
  • Last Cloudia – Mostly completed the current event though its big reward is armor that… is exclusive to the limited-time gacha character going on. Oh great. Also got the gacha arc that unlocks a special quest for a new poison-based summon so I’ll check that out soon! Most of my arks are now the max Lv 10 which is cool too (though just in time for that update that ups their stat caps with each gacha dupe.. of course). I’m fast reaching the point where I should actually be strategizing in order to face the bigger difficulty challenges of the game, especially with special permanent ‘raid’ boss challenges coming at some point.
  • SWTOR – Did a bit more of Taris as partner has finished main story of Nar Shaddaa and is headed to Tattooine. God, maybe this weekend I will actually finish Taris? I can dream.
  • Distancing Hangouts – Some overwhelming Terraria helltime and popping in for a friend’s Jackbox stream.
  • Coromon – Played a tad bit more, catching my first mons.
  • Romancing SaGa Re Universe – So we’re past soft launch and into real launch, and I am doing okay for a distracted free player. Almost done the existing story, and dailies don’t take too long and I can do grinding while doing something else. Sinoalice releasing shortly might take priority over this, but I like this tour of a franchise I didn’t pay much attention to. Like Guardian Tales, I’m not going to care much about getting stronger but just develop characters and gear casually.

Partner’s doing the Soviet campaign in Red Alert. Still Animal Crossing and presumably Astral Chain. We’re still exploring the itch bundle and giving my partner a headache because he’s the opposite to me about starting and finishing games!

I’m also playing Memoria Freese and Fate Grand Order gachas but I dunno. Any gacha too ‘waifu’ based turns me off (which is weird that I’m going to Sinoalice but Yoko Taro..). And that Pokemon Cafe is a more charming Pokemon mobile puzzle game than the last one (Shuffle) but I just wanted to check it out.

I’ll get here one day..

But for now I’ll settle with this boss..

EDIT: Bonus question.
Regardless of day, I never want to wake up at 5, I resent waking up at 6, I’d prefer not to wake up at 7 but if I have to I’ll tolerate it (which is a sentiment that our culture exploits), I’d be good to wake up at 8 but I don’t feel bad if I go further, and 9 is the latest I wake up without feeling bad about it, with 10 only acceptable if there was big partying the night before or sickness happening.

In other words, I can go til mid-to-late morning okay, and have no qualms with being able to sleep past the early-morning regardless of day. Sure it’d be better for me, but try getting me to wake up at 6:30am. You can’t. Go away and let me sleep.


I’m curious – how do you manage to keep up with all those games on a regular basis? It’s an impressive amount of concurrency.

Malcolm Swoboda

I get asked this once in a while. I’ll lay out how it worked the last week. This is gonna be long. But I’ll start with – I’m currently UNEMPLOYED and otherwise spending time through my day doing online courses and applying… and sometimes cooking/baking. As well my social life is even easier then before due to the pandemic. There’s home life and a few hangouts online with people, that’s it for that.:

Wizards Unite – If there’s an event, spend some 10s of minutes to an hour or two a day on it outside. If there isn’t, I either don’t play (except login) or I do just dailies taking less than half an hour at home now (hoping for GPS drift to do my 0.25km walking daily for me haha). Every couple days on average I go on an extended walk or jog around the city, usually absently getting other game dailies done on my phone alongside. Its basically my push to get outside and active so my muscles don’t die or get used to only in-home movements. If the game falls apart or shuts down, I’m open to another that doesn’t promote JKR’s work and has a more RPG feel. There’s one out there (not from a franchise and I forget its name, its more indie) but its too simplistic, and Dragon Quest Walk hasn’t come to Canada.

Another Eden – For all the talk I have of it, I barely play beyond logins. If I do play, its during other things. I might type some lines of script or watch a video, then do some battles after that. Or more likely in the evening while Youtubing I’m also running back and forth grinding so I don’t have to look at an often pointless screen (depending on the video). But usually I’m not even playing, only having returned in the last week. But its fun and people should play :). The only ‘strict’ dailies in the game are using replenished ‘green/red keys’ for certain dungeons, but I don’t care about that, so its 90%+ play when I want.

Splash – Not playing. When I did, it was mindless tapping; for me, in a good way.

Record – Just logging in.
Exvius – Just logging in. These games are more standby that I login for passive rewards in case I truly return.

Blade xLord – Most days I leave the game on continuous auto for the daily 20 battles for half an hour while I’m doing other things. I take the rewards, quickly wrap up the other dailies, and leave it for the next day. On ‘advancement days’ I spend up to an hour doing story content and watching nice PS2 JRPG-styled cutscenes. I don’t strategize anything yet and IMO people shouldn’t do that on gachas until they have a strong team already.

Mass – Eh, I barely played it. Often didn’t log in. Done now.

Sub – I barely play it but I like it so I’ll go there again for fun story bits.

7DS – I barely played it but I logged in and watched ads for rewards for 10 minutes then stopped caring. Which is why I’m quitting, even as its one of the prettiest mobile games currently.

Guardian Tales – I login twice a day. Once in middle of day usually while I’m on my Wizards walk and I get my afk autobattles done while I listen to music or podcasts on Spotify/Newpipe, and if I remember, I go again between 11pm-12am for the daily arena opening to get some ‘medals’ currency. On one of those logins I try to look to complete some small part of the story content. All in all, up to an hour a day.

Last Cloudia – I login 2-3 times a day. First in the morning where I get the basics done, and its usually while I’m getting ready for the day, second in the afternoon or evening as I only expend more ‘event orbs’ that replenish through the day, and third in the late evening before bed as I use the event orbs but try to explore some other thing in the game, even a single story stage I haven’t cleared. I reduce it to 1-2 times a day if there’s no events going on and I don’t feel as into playing it.

SWTOR – Easy, I barely play. 90% of the time is when my partner is playing, and we mostly play apart but are available in case of Heroic missions for company or otherwise Flashpoints and if he has questions for me. Its at most a few hours a week. Its been months and I’m in Taris. Taris.

Hangouts – Currently Thursdays are Terraria nights after dinner and its from like 9-11+ pm at most. Jackbox, when I pop in, are Wednesdays 8pm-10pm at most.

Coromon – I’ve played a few hours total is how :P. Its really just messing around with a Pokemon copycat.

Romancing SaGa – I play 1-2 times a day so far, and only 2 because there’s a half-day login reward. In evening daily reset I do my dailies which are actually very quick, then I might quit for now. In morning/afternoon I do whatever else I feel like and try to advance some goal, but it isn’t necessary. Thus I spend at most 1-2 hours a day on it and that’s when I really care to use up all the ‘stamina’.

This all comes back to you question – how do I keep up? Its because its ‘only’ up to a few hours a day I actually spend on gaming most days, most of it technically away from the game, and most of it during evening downtime. If there’s any stress about it, it would or will be if or when I have to be apart from my phone on future evenings. How do I juggle it? Its all in a folder on my phone home screen, and half of them are logins that add up to 10ish mins total unless I have to update anything.

So I can do it. When I’m more busy, can I? HELL NO. I’ll have to cut this list by up to half. Do I play too much now anyway? HELL YES. I still play 1-2 hours a day too much, only barely justified by my status, the exercise I do alongside some of it, and the afk nature of most of it. But consider this list more like ‘leisure projects’ than things I actually spend several hours a day glued to. Most of these titles are not at all like focusing on MMORPG tasks or getting all set up with a controller for a console title. They’re things to distractedly glance and do something with, some more than others. If I wasn’t such an explorer, at least a few more of these listed games would be uninstalled already.

Sometimes I wish I just had 1-2 PC MMORPGs to dive into again, but these games also tended to have me spend more money and ironically reserve more time to get more stuff done in them. Oh no, I have to hang around RIFT’s Dendrome for a particular zone event, or spam LFG for DPS room in a Secret Word dungeon queue, or wait 5 minutes to even properly log into SWTOR, let alone zip around the lifeless zones for things. These mobile BS games? A lot more set it and forget it, deceivingly lazy until you realize you have a dozen installed and played. Another Eden’s still cute and fun though.


Sea of Thieves will probably dominate most of my play time as I’ve been getting back into it and kind of just doing whatever, but will probably do some FFXIV as well to get some more mog tomes and level SMN up.

Bryan Correll

If the Sun is out and Alexa tells me it’s Monday, then I’ve overslept for the weekend.

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Heh this used to be me too.


I’ll admit it. No clue what Eliot is talking about here. Normally? Yeah, I totally understand what he is sayi-… what, what is with that look? Yeah, I do! No. No I-now what is with that look?! I…

…One more thing okay? See the header image? Yeah… The one with the scrawny cocky bugger in armor looking sassy over the pit of molten maawhg-mha… See how the Andre-of-Astora-looking bugger looks like he’s about ready to brain him? Yeah… No? No, you don’t see it? Okay, here… c’mere, it’s fine… Step closer to my convenient portable forge set and you’ll see what I mean…


And… while I… clean up something irrelevant to any of this?

Downloads. Several downloads. Free quests have finally broken me, so I downloaded both Dungeons & Dragons Online, as well as Lord of the Rings Online. I’ve realized I dislike how Standing Stone Games both refuses to let you use the same account for one as the other as a log-in, as well as refuse allowing you to use the same account name when you register for the second, which is… like one whole other thing now… But fine, fine… Though I’ve been thoroughly reminded of my addiction for oddball Class combinations that started in Pathfinders and is threatening here… And all of what it throws at me, it doesn’t help that…

And one more thing! World of Horror. Just… Look at that game, how could someone not want to play it?

… At like 3am. In the dark… While you’re waiting for things to finish… Finish downloading. And another thing’s downloading… another download… Downloading… Loading down… Up the path loaded…

…. downloading…. down… down up load… up dog load down…