Chronicles of Elyria restores forums and gives parkour demo to all backers

oh boy

Even as former Chronicles of Elyria backers struggle to get refunds, the sole remaining figure of Soulbound Studio says that development of the troubled MMO is still going forward… somehow.

In an uncharacteristically short post, CEO Jeromy Walsh said that “much work has been done” but the game isn’t ready for release. Ahem. More information is forthcoming: “We have decided to start a series of video posts where we can discuss and show you the state of development — what’s done, what’s not done, and what needs to be improved before it’s ready for release; as well as share our plans for moving forward.”

As for right now, Soulbound Studio is giving the community some scraps by reactivating a read-only version of the forums, making transaction history available, and handing out the Trial of the Tested parkour demo to all backers, regardless of donor level.

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