Rebirth Online comes this month following its mobile predecessor


We’d be very impressed with you if you were able to remember that a year-and-a-half ago, in the Before Times, there was a mobile game released called Rebirth M. It was a pretty fantasy MMO made by a small studio called Caret Games. Since the entire world is still playing Fortnite on phones, we’re guessing it didn’t exactly take us by storm.

But the interesting development here is that later this month on July 31st, Caret is going to launch Rebirth Online on Steam. It’s kind of unclear whether or not this is a PC version of Rebirth M or a new game set in the same universe, but in any case, it looks pretty and has a lot of those must-have bullet point features that Korean MMOs tend to sport.

“Adventures await in a world brought to life by realistic graphics! Experience genuine adventures in the grand world of Rebirth Online,” Caret Games said. “Battle, craft, explore, and combine different types of equipment and abilities to create your own style of play.”

Source: Steam

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Dug From The Earth

How do asian games not suffer from identity crisis? Seriously.

Its probably why they all fit fine into the mobile market, which is notorious for there being 5,000 versions of games that look and and play the same, but have different names.


Has anyone here played it? I’m curious.


But of course!!! The music is the most generic and mediocre epicness music possible, the trailer shows the most generic and mediocre epincess scenes. The epicness in this, like the rest of the Asian bullshit MMOs is so mediocre and generic that it makes my nipples get so hard they can cut diamonds.

That’s the only thing that keeps me going in my life – Asian bullshit MMOs that are super generic and mediocre and try their best to appear as epic as possible, whenever I feel sad or something horrible happens in my life, I remember bullshit like this and my spirits are lifted thousandfold.

Those Asians are real masters in their trade of generic and mediocre epic bullshit. They have perfected their skill for the last 20 years and have reached new heights.


You know, I’ve actively PvPed since 2006 when DotA came out as a mod on WC3, and throughout the years, I’ve played quite a few different online games.

And though I wouldn’t play it now, for lots of reasons, I have to say that the game that immersed me the most while fighting, the one that truly let me express myself and go so much further than a “simple” pvp confrontation, the one that I spent countless hours in, simply fighting over and over, in short, my ultimate favourite all time best PvP exprience was in an Asian game.

I’m guessing you’ll want to know what that game was, but before I tell you, I have to say that I played it in the beginning, because it changed a lot once it was officially released. Anyway, it had two names; Age of Wulin (and I think for the Americans, it was Age of Wushu).

Since then, before then, no game I played ever came close.

Lastly, I feel your desdain for Asian games is excessive, maybe because you haven’t seen or realised some of the amazing gems that culture has produced, I could provide quite a few examples, but one that I consider an absolute “chef d’oeuvres”, a true work of art, though it isn’t a pvp game, was Final Fantasy. I mean just the music alone was enough…

But thanks for your constructive and helpful input !


I love(d) Asian MMOs, I’ve played pretty much everyone out there. You name it, I’ve at least given it a 60 minute try. I’ve played Age of Wulin/Wushu and it had a lot of interesting concepts that were also buried deep beneath a layer of P2W, horrible game engine and too much sandbox for my taste.

I also remember playing it on my old PC and I had to play it on the lowest settings to get semi-decent FPS. Now that I have a fast PC, I decided to try Age of Wushu just for the fun of it and both maxed out and lowest, it doesn’t go above 48-50 FPS when I can freely play games like Destiny 2, GTA Online and others maxed out with no issues whatsoever.

There are(were) far better Asian MMOs than Age of Wulin, like:

– Lineage 2
– Talisman Online
– Metin 2
– Heroes of Three Kingdoms
– Jade Dynasty
– Perfect World
– Forsaken World
– Silkroad Online
– World of Kung Fu
– Eden Eternal
– Aura Kingdom
– 9 Dragons
– ASTA Online

and many more.

I don’t hate Asian games, I’m just disappointed that the old games, which are more fun and innovative than the newer ones are getting ignored and abandoned, many of them shutting down and relying on private servers (some not even having that luxury) and in turn the new games are absolutely idiotic. All they focus is building the most generic high fantasy looking universe possible, put in the best graphics possible – UE 4 (soon UE 5) and put in some of the most boring and generic action combat (like BDO) and then try to monetize that shallow piece of crap as much as possible.

Recently some Korean developer announced that they are building a new MMORPG that is starting in Unreal Engine 4.5 and will move to Unreal Engine 5 as soon as possible. This clearly says what their goal is – to create some boring trash that lacks any substance, but has nice graphics and shitty action combat and then peddle it everywhere and expecting dumb kids and adults with atrophied brains to buy into it because of how shiny it looks.

That’s why I both love and hate Asian MMOs. And I don’t just hate Asian MMOs, I also love and hate Western MMOs for similar reasons.

Western developers on the other hand have not focused on graphics as much as trying to replace core MMO aspects with survival and sandbox elements to the point where the game ends up being just an Online PvP with crafting and a hunger/thirst meters that you need to keep track of, no quests, no story, nothing else. This is the Western MMOs’ version of the Asian MMOs pretending to still be creating new MMOs when in reality both end up creating stupid trash that lacks substance.

One side masks it behind shiny graphics, the other side behind some complex-sounding mechanics that end up being just false promises and complete lack of any creativity on their part – just copy/paste every other survival/sandbox piece of trash before that and add “But ours is different.” at the end and hope that this sells it.

Nothing will be as good as the games in the 1995-2010 era, after that everything became a piece of shit (even outside the MMO genre). Still is, will be forever. Mark my words.


Does anyone ever find any value in those types of trailers?

Dug From The Earth

Its the only way they can grab peoples attention, because actual gameplay trailers would actually drive away customers.

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hopefully the resolution of the game is higher than 480p? :D