Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones is supposedly rebooting as a live-service title after years of delays


The waters surrounding Ubisoft’s long-delayed pirate title are starting to stir once more. After more than a year since last hearing any movement on Skull & Bones, VGC is reporting that its sources in the studio have revealed that the game is being retooled as a “live service model.”

While Skull & Bones already had online elements, such as multiplayer PvP, this development shift means that more MMO elements are seeping into its DNA, including a persistent game world, evolving storylines, and community efforts that make an imprint on the setting. VGC said that the success of Fortnite’s live storytelling was part of the inspiration for this change.

Ubisoft has not officially commented on this leak or put out any announcements of its own. In fact, the last we heard from Ubisoft in May 2019, the studio said that it was “going to batten down the hatches and push back on the game’s arrival.”

Skull & Bones was originally going to launch in 2018 and was, at one time, seen as competition for Rare’s Sea of Thieves. But multiple delays have led to the game slipping off the radar and into obscurity… at least until now.

Source: VGC

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I’ll call that good news. Between Sea of Thieves and Atlas both underwhelming (at least me) that pirate fantasy feels badly underserved

Rolan Storm

Man, being polite is nice but me and a bunch of other folk share your opinion about both games completely. I did not make it far in both too and did not find them interesting. And I loooooooove pirate theme.

Watching this one with great interest. I’d love to get my hands on good online pirate game.