Shroud of the Avatar is adding teleporters that link player-owned towns in Release 80


Don’t let that image above fool you. That’s no ordinary covered wagon, that’s a high-tech teleportation device that will forever change how players travel between player-owned towns in Shroud of the Avatar once Release 80 arrives.

This new advanced form of inter-town travel was previewed in this week’s newsletter, which details how these player-owned town teleporters work. Player town governors or stewards can simply right-click on the teleporter, select the “Change Destination” option, and select from a filterable list of present player-owned towns. Once the destination is set, other players can simply interact with the teleporter and load in to the selected location.

Not only do these town items have unlimited range, but the destination can be changed as often as governors or stewards like. The teleporter can also be freely placed anywhere in a player town so long as there is decoration space available, and in the future players will be able to change the teleporter’s appearance from a covered wagon to a boat, a balloon, or a hatch. There are also plans for teleport-capable signposts and heraldry.

More details on Release 80’s features are pending, as is a launch date for the update. For now, players can at least know that travel technology is improving soon.

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