Star Citizen’s artists create armor concepts using space crab pieces in a livestream


Star Citizen will eventually have beasts like crabs, cows, and space whales. They will likely provide crafting materials and salable components. But what if you decided to go all Monster Hunter and use their pieces as armor? That was the focus of the latest Star Citizen Live video, which brought devs Jeremiah Lee and Chance Rowe on to show off some of the process of concepting beast armors.

The artists took an image of the base character armor and the key art from the space crab in order to quickly sketch out some concept ideas of what crab armor would look like. The thought process takes inspiration from things like cosplay of orcish or post-apocalyptic settings as well as Native American outfit styles. From there, the artists took a look at the space crab’s design and even plucked pieces from the keyart to draw up some drafts of what beast armor might end up looking like.

None of this really provides any information about when this sort of thing will arrive in-game, but the devs are clearly considering it. And after all, why else would anyone want to fight a giant space crab if not to wear it like a suit? You can watch the process below.

source: YouTube
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