Star Citizen shows off predatory creature concepts, previews new locations arriving in alpha 3.10


Star Citizen has already briefly touched on a couple of creatures like the space cow and space whale, but not everything in the animal kingdom is friendly. In this week’s Inside Star Citizen video digest, players get a first look at some concepts being put together for more predatory critters that might be found scuttling around planetside.

The video touched on how the devs at CIG come to design predatory creatures and showed off several pieces of concept art while placing a big obvious asterisk that the designs are merely conceptual and most won’t move forward. Two of the proposed creatures are, however: a Pyro Crab that basically looks like a bundle of angry rocks with crab legs, and a bear-like creature on microTech that almost looks like a yeti. We’re still a long way off from seeing these beasties arrive by the sounds of it, however, as pipelines have to be built to create AI, animation, models, and a whole lot more development work.

What isn’t too far off are some new locations coming in alpha 3.10, which is touched on in the second half of the video. Players get a first look at the Factory Line storefront in New Babbage, a new illegal racing hub in GrimHEX where betting on and watching illegal races is planned, and some revamped derelict ships on planets that have gotten a visual overhaul as well as the added ability to work like shelter in inclement weather.

source: YouTube
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