Temtem adds in the Kisiwa island tomorrow

Yes... the island.

It’s time to make some friends in Temtem with the next major update coming tomorrow. Not just because players will be tasked with fighting as part of the resistance on the island of Kisiwa, which is the sort of thing that could be helped with some friends; no, it’s also because the update brings clubs and a robust chat system into the game as well, allowing you to chat with your friends and form persistent social groups once the patch drops tomorrow.

Players will also gain new skills for traversing landscapes, access to new emotes, and keymapping changes. Oh, and let’s not ignore the fact that you can also get yourself some new monsters to sign on with your team, since the new region is reportedly adding 23 new critters to fill out your roster. Players who had not already purchased the game will notice a slight price bump once the update is live, but if you have already got it, you can just happily lean in and start catching and making some new friends.

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