SoulWorker Anime Legends is available now for mobile devices


If you really enjoy SoulWorker Online but find yourself frustrated that there are times when you have to be away from your desktop and thus can’t play it, that’s… probably not a healthy balance between your hobbies and your life. But it also means you’re exactly in the target audience for the new SoulWorker Anime Legends, the mobile version of the game available for both Android and iOS devices as of today.

As you would no doubt expect, the game follows close on the heels of its main desktop version, although the roster is reduced down to six characters; there are a variety of new quests available, however, so if you’ve already done everything there is to be done in the game on desktop you’ll still have new things to explore here. Check out the launch trailer just below to see what it looks like, and if that’s really all you needed, hop on in on your mobile device of choice now.

Source: Gameforge press release
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