Black Desert’s summer server season will end early to accommodate the PC Hashashin launch

Donkeys cannot use horse gear.
So Black Desert has some good news and bad news this past week. And the bad news leads in to the good news, so let’s do that first: Pearl Abyss and Kakao are shutting down the summer season servers early on PC. August 26th is the new end date. Frustrating, yes, but the goal here is a noble one, as the studios are aiming to get the Hashashin class out the door faster.

“[I]t will be difficult for us to release a new class at the start of each new season, but if it is possible, we want to go in a direction where we can aid our Adventurers’ growth as much as we can. For the reasons above, the end date of the Summer Season will be moved ahead of the originally announced date to an earlier date of the August 26th (Wed) maintenance. We understand that some Adventurers who are currently playing on the season servers may feel pressured to grow their character as a result of the earlier end date. To help these Adventurers out, we are preparing events where you can obtain a variety of necessary items to grow your character during the Summer Season. In addition, if you’re an Adventurer who feels their time in the season servers is sufficient, you’ll be able to graduate early from the summer season after the maintenance on August 5th (Wed).”

In other words, starting next week, you can “graduate” from the servers, but they definitely end on August 26th, when pre-creation for the Hashashin begins, and then the class launches September 2nd.


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Not that disappointed. Summer season had the xp and enhancement chance on season gear dialed up so high that I was able to accomplish all season objectives in just about 2 weeks of fairly casual play. Right now I’m just logging into my season character for a daily box you can get. Graduating early next week sounds good to me, get those graduation rewards and move on