Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout’s launch day initially trips and falls, gets back up to big numbers


This is pretty much a “water is wet” sort of story, especially for those of us who have seen messy MMO and online game launches before, but we still want to touch back on Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout as the game officially launched yesterday with a bit of a sputtering start.

The game first tried to go live stealthily but soon saw its player numbers leap to 120K, requiring a bit of backend work to keep up. Shortly after that, the game started experiencing matchmaking issues, forcing matchmaking to be shut down for a bit in order to beef up the servers — a maintenance period that ran longer than expected. The devs even tried to stealthily bring the PS4 servers back online but were thwarted by over 100K eager players, forcing a temporary hold on PS4 account creation.

After an apparent attempted review bombing (and a counter-review bombing), another matchmaking shutdown, and an official nod from Twitch, Fall Guys reportedly made it through the night, with a final new player total of over 1.5 million.

As far as what’s next for Fall Guys, the devs are working on ideas for the game’s first patch and promising new levels, new features, and new costumes. And if you’re at all curious about this game currently, you can check out our first impressions piece, which hasn’t really changed all that much — this is still a battle royale game for those who hate the sub-genre.


source: Twitter
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