New World is already gearing up for its ‘preview event’ next week


As August marches onward, New World fans are eagerly anticipating the promised preview event launching on August 25th, which will let in all the folks who’ve signed up for the beta, participated in past alphas, or pre-ordered the game. August 25th, of course, was meant to be the game’s launch date this summer, but Amazon delayed the game into spring, opting to run more tests and continue developing the game instead.

We don’t have all the details for this event yet, as Amazon is promising more “later this week,” but we do know that the company is adding servers for the South America and Asia Pacific regions, and that it’ll reveal the game’s content creator program. We also know that player progress from the density test last month will be wiped, so everyone will be started from scratch. And finally, we know that this beta will run for only a “limited time” – don’t be expecting to play straight on until the spring launch.

Source: Twitter
Amazon has clarified that it’s not actually calling this a beta test. “Please know that the upcoming event is a preview event, and not a beta phase of the test yet.”

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Tiik Taaka

Wait..What is the question?

Throttle and ramp right now or face the reality of queues for downloads, authentication, game worlds. New World is barely super-hyped, even with pumped up event gamers and fans?

Amazon is new. I can tell you without any fear, Amazon is a kick*** company with vision that exceeds the next millennium. There is pressure over there at Amazon. It is self-induced and they do not need to pay for testers nor fans.

You do not need a 160 I.Q. to test games. Do any of the artists at Amazon need pvp knowledge? How many coders know all the voice actors? Do Alpha players really believe they have a right to critique? What are the next mega-lotto numbers?

I do not care if the game has 400 hour content on launch. I do not care if the mail system is making any sense. I do not care if we cannot create a guild on launch. I do care about the dollars I spent and will spend on the chance that Amazon will deliver an immersable title that allows me to put away the real world while I pursue my happiness.

This is not a paid comment. I am a New World pre-order client.

We are anxious and it may have made a few of us quite delirious and borderline stupid.

“If you have nothing good to say, then get paid to say it.” -TiiK Taaka

Anthony Clark

The last test the had was great. Very excited about this title getting released now. It was great fun!


Agreed! My ONLY complaint so far is that if you have friends – you had no way to begin together. Granted it’s relatively short, but I’d still prefer to do even the first 12 or so level with a group that’s been together for a decade ;P~

Dankey Kang

Least I can play on the EU servers this time. Last time it was the Cali servers and the lag was pretty terrible on some of the weapons.


I wonder if these Alpha Tests don’t do the product more harm than good. Perhaps it would be better if they just hired a dozen or so MMO players to test, and more importantly, critique the game. Not Fan-Boyz, they are useless; rather dedicated MMO players who have been around the block a few times.


This does feel like an odd move by a company but it seems like this is a way for them to test in their own way how to release a game. Also, I love the idea of companies hiring dedicated gamers to the product to test and provide feedback, especially those that are closer to the community of the game!

Joseph Mcfadden

dont get me wrong- not disagreeing with you. BUT: the problem here is this is an HR nightmare as 10/10 “Fan-Boyz” THINK they are the “dedicated MMO players” you speak of. so the issue here lies in how do you weed these people out. then you are going to have all of the “streamers” whining “you should let all of us test it” and so on. i dont have much of a problem with what the studio is doing. it keeps people anxious and interested. if you filled out any of the exit-on-game surveys, the studio actually had some decent data-gathering questions. I really think they are aiming here for a great launch. Look…. the majority of new MMO launches these days are garbage: Atlas, RDR2, AA, many many many more. RARELY do we get a new game that is launched without severe major errors. Hell, we even have issues with UPDATES! (LOTRO). If this is what we must do to have a decent NEW mmorpg with a good launch then let them be :)

Kickstarter Donor

Perhaps it would be better if they just hired a dozen or so MMO players to test, and more importantly, critique the game. Not Fan-Boyz, they are useless; rather dedicated MMO players who have been around the block a few times.

There’s like…no way that would ever happen (or work). Why pay gamers to play your game when they would instead pay you for the chance to do so? Aren’t many of their developers “dedicated MMO players who have been around the block a few times?” How could you possibly pick the right people?

Robert Mann

I’ve said for a long time that wise developers pay attention to how people test. Sadly, that wisdom doesn’t seem to be around very much. Those who report bugs, test different things, and try to improve the focus areas are the people they should want back.

Instead, the majority of those brought in continue to be people wanting early play, changes to be OP, or changes to the very content the developer is looking to make prior to even engaging with that content.

In the end, the ‘get paid to let people in’ result has won for the time being.


Its a token gesture as a kind of compensation for delaying the game by 10 months.

And honestly, New World is way further along in development than we usually get with Alpha or Beta tests. It is pretty complete outside of a lacking endgame, which this delay should hopefully fix.

Robert Mann

Occasionally games do seek out those players.

Usually things change once they, later, bring in the masses. Not because things are bad with how they are after those players, but because the new masses all want one of two things: Their content preferences, or their difficulty preferences.

With no middle ground in sight, companies adjust where they likely shouldn’t after those other players. The result is a mixture of boring play and imbalanced content while actual bugs stay unaddressed.

I say this, because I’ve seen it so often that Intel would need another few hundred years of 14nm to add plusses to compete.


I got the impression that the only reason they are having a test at this time was to “substitute” for the original scheduled beta and release that was slotted in for August before they punted for Spring 2021. I don’t see much value in having a test now. Either expand the alpha to let more testers in regularly or just hold out for a proper beta closer to launch. A wide test right now isn’t going to show them much more than how many people they can cram in right now when too many things can change between now and actual launch for this info to really be of much help.


Absolutely not, a lot of alpha testers are the complete opposite of fanboys. A lot of alpha players left very sincere, detailed, and well-thought-out critique on the forums but there is a moderator on the alpha forums called mugsy who is literally banning testers from the forums and discord for critical posts. And I am not talking about the usual posts like “f… this game” or “this game is ded” posts, no, I am talking about posts nearly a page long, very structured and on topic without any slurs. It seems that Amazon does simply not like people critiquing the game and they only want to hear the fanboys.


The GuildWars2 devs used to do the same thing. Anything remotely negative, constructive or otherwise, would net you a swift forum suspension and post removal.

It is developer-player interaction like this that ultimately only sows the seeds of future toxicity. If players feel like they cannot have an open, non-biased dialog with the devs or their fellow players on the subject of the game, then this will fester and lash out by other means.