The Daily Grind: How successful do you think Crowfall will be?

The Daily Grind: How successful do you think Crowfall will be?

When Crowfall went into beta recently, I felt like my interest in this game was awakening from a long slumber. Some of these Kickstarted MMOs are in development for so long that it becomes pretty easy to forget about them or to let one’s hype die down to a faint murmur in the back of the mind.

But beta? That seems like a pretty big step forward, serving to resurrect hope that we’ll actually see a launched product in the foreseeable future. Of course, whether or not that product will be any good or live up to the lofty promises of the developers remains to be seen.

From your vantage point, how successful do you think Crowfall will be? Will its mostly-PvP nature relegate it to niche status, or could this be a breakout hit in the making?

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If they keep on the same line they have been. No it will not. I expect it to close within a year of release. Their development has stalled massively over the past year.

They have systems in the game that make it pointless to play the game for months until passive are trained.

Todd is beyond stubborn, player feedback is ignored. Disciplines have been underwhelming for over a year. Their major improvement the caravans is a glorified escort quest.

Everything CF has done has felt very amateur.

As someone that has been playing CF extensively over the last 5 years and more intense over the past year. I can honestly say, even though I want it to succeed – i have a lot of money and time invested in CF, I feel it will fail. They havent done enough to alleviate the massive issues it faces on just a pure design aspect.

For being a PVP MMO, you should work on combat and get combat amazing. Unfortunately for CF, Blair doesnt know how to do that. CF has the lowest skill ceiling combat system I have ever played (I’ve played just about every MMO on the market). It is not impactful at all and very floaty. Builds can be deep, but its built mostly on stat or buff stacking in weird ways. It’s not ability deep, but it is stat deep.

There is a reason they are limiting the beta. They dont want everyone in long enough to see all the issues veterans to the game see every day.


There is a lot to like in the Beta environment. It is also still rough around the edges and needs a lot of work.

The important stuff like frame rate and hit detection seem pretty good. It is important that the actual game play is fun. It seems like they are doing a good job on the back end stuff that players don’t really see but is vital to a good game. It does still need to be optimized, but that is almost always the last step in game development. Just the fact that the Beta build is stable with a lot of people around is good news.

It’s good that they have world building and most of the major systems available for testing. The crafting/gathering is interesting and fun.

There is just not a lot of meat on those bones yet. Some of the crafting, like alchemy and woodworking, just don’t have a lot of recipes yet. Then there are only 4 pieces of armor for each armor class. Cloth,leather,mail and plate that come in 3 types beginner, intermediate and advanced. So there is just not a lot of variety yet.
There is only 5 kinds of ore, 5 kinds of stone, 5 kinds of trees, ect.

For a game banking on deep crafting systems, the scarce variety of resources and limited recipes is a bit of a letdown. But it is enough for a start, it is enough to test.
I figure the game will never have less stuff to craft than it does right now.

In short, the systems are there and able to be tested. The game play is pretty and pretty sharp as far as I have seen. But it does seem more like a test and not quite a full game yet. It’s not all tied together yet. Not polished like a Blizzard product.

I think IF they can continue to pull it all together and polish it up, and people give it a chance, it can be more than niche. There really is a lot to like.

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Richard de Leon III

I hope they do well. That being said, pvp drives more people away than attract over the long term, especially if loss of progress is significant on a personal level.

I will stay far away and just enjoy the eventual stories that come about just like EVE online.


I just depends on if they have something new. The market is currently over saturated with fantasy MMO’s and they will need something others don’t have to compete.

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It will have a fate similar as Gigantic had – loved by a tiny niche of players but ultimately not attracting enough to keep the project afloat.

The investors will pull out and the project will slowly phase out and be forgotten.


It won’t be successful in terms of the genre at large, but I think it will be successful to ACE, i.e. it will make a small profit and build a niche community large enough to keep the game going.

Just be realistic.

It’s a PvP MMORPG. That has never, ever, been successful before.

It’s built around vertical progression, which is a massive mistake for any PvP game. So, 2 months after launch, the vets will overpower the newbies, cutting off the lifeblood of the game. This has happened in literally every MMO that includes PvP, so no reason to think it wont happen here too.

It’s a sandbox, so the pressure lies entirely on the community to make it a good game. This is even more true given the nature of the Eternal Kingdoms. Piss off the wrong person and you could find yourself excluded from the best trading hubs.

It’s group focused, and whilst I approve, lets be honest: group-focused games don’t have mass appeal. Most people are shy, or time sensitive, or anti-social. From the reviews I’ve seen, if you’re not in a guild or in a group when playing, the game kinda sucks. Well, that’ll be most people having a shitty time when they first join the game. How many will stick around long enough to make friends and join a guild? Past experience says not many.

In short, I think Crowfall is repeating many of the mistakes that WAR made, with the added disadvantage that Crowfall doesn’t have a hugely popular IP to keep drawing players in. It’s only advantage is the comparatively low budget, which means they don’t need to achieve high numbers.

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Dean Greenhoe

I wish them luck.

I fear they will be a flash in the pan since there seems to be a lack of normal mmo activities. So far all I see is you can harvest, craft and fight. For me this is not enough to keep me in a game for long. They need more to succeed long term.


Well they were very successful in bilking a bunch of people out of cash – but crowfail is only just short of a dumpster fire

Castagere Shaikura

It will be like all the other kick-starter MMO’s that became popular. Oh, wait there aren’t any.

2Ton Gamer

This video from yesterday sums up this beta from playing last years alpha which is about how long it’s been since I played. For a game that supposed to be about PvP, FPS is a huge concern and why hopefully Camelot Unchained can pull it off.