The Daily Grind: How successful do you think Crowfall will be?


When Crowfall went into beta recently, I felt like my interest in this game was awakening from a long slumber. Some of these Kickstarted MMOs are in development for so long that it becomes pretty easy to forget about them or to let one’s hype die down to a faint murmur in the back of the mind.

But beta? That seems like a pretty big step forward, serving to resurrect hope that we’ll actually see a launched product in the foreseeable future. Of course, whether or not that product will be any good or live up to the lofty promises of the developers remains to be seen.

From your vantage point, how successful do you think Crowfall will be? Will its mostly-PvP nature relegate it to niche status, or could this be a breakout hit in the making?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!
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