Star Trek Online previews a set of new support carriers for all of the game’s factions

They've arrived

Players will have some new options for carrying support ships into battle in Star Trek Online on August 20th. The game is releasing four new carriers as Tier 6 Support Carriers in both fleet versions and in the game’s cash shop, with two of them serving as upgrades of existing vessels and two new ones for Romulan or Jem’Hadar captains to use. And they’re beastly new T6 vessels; sure, they’re slow to turn and not laden with weaponry, but they’ve got massive bays for launching smaller craft and plenty of Science heft in their officer stations.

The new ships also bring with them new pets for deployment and a new universal ability, the High-Energy Communications Network, which briefly disables enemy ships while ranking up and improving your own support craft so long as it’s active. It’s a perfect tool for augmenting your own support ships or those of the rest of your party, making these new support carriers exactly what they claim to be on the tin.

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