WoW Classic de-layers servers, causing queues to return


World of Warcraft Classic is one big happy family again — but maybe not quite that happy.

Following a decision to re-implement layering tech this past April to handle overpopulation issues, Blizzard announced on Friday that it was removing these layers for all of the realms.

“Over the weeks since several high-population realms were configured to allow two layers, and therefore twice as many concurrent players, we’ve carefully observed and tracked the player populations on those realms,” the studio said. “Our goal has been to reach a conclusion – a time at which we could safely ‘delayer’ and return those realms to the same population controls as every other realm. Today, we have done exactly that. All realms in this region are now operating without layers.”

Additionally, all temporary transfer restrictions between realms have been lifted. This delayering hasn’t come without a cost, however, as some of the higher population realms are starting to see login queues pop up as a result.

Source: World of Warcraft, Icy Veins. Cheers, Teppic!

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Servers in WOW classic are no longer as much like onions.


Are people actually playing this old game and there is even queues? Holy cow. Like everquest seems alot more populated then the wow classic scene. Yikes. I’m sad and impressed at the same time people are reaching for an mmorpg experience. I can understand wow live. But classic? Man that hurts to think about. Everquest is thriving but I guess it doesn’t make as much news as world of Warcraft because they made a baby classic spawn. I see no merit in a classic wow server what so ever but the die hard fans. If anyone argues about everquest. Normal live servers are busy and not just tlps. We had alot of overwhelming crashes this weekend. Wow is great but a classic wow? Get out of here lol


So to summarize your post:
EQ good because reasons
Classic WoW bad because reasons

Lily Cheng

This comment just reads like a sad MMO player that their preferred choice of MMO doesn’t have as many players as another MMO and they think it makes them look cool to throw hate on an evidently far more popular MMO.

Anthony Clark

Wow. People still playing this 16 year old title. Good for them.

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Schlag Sweetleaf



Yea, layers is always a wrong solution because it will make the world feel empty for some people who will be unlucky to be forced into less populated layer even though they specifically chose a server with high population because they enjoy seeing a lot of players running around. I remember all the “invite to layer” spam in global chat in WoW Classic back when I played it and there were open world raids on PvP servers. I also remember from LOTRO where I was watching music concert in Bree, then had to leave the Bree area which made me switch layers and when I returned – I could not watch the concert even though the people were still playing it because I was in a different layer. All I could do is ask someone else to invite me to a layer where people were still playing music or play a roulette of “let’s keep switching layers in hope I would be put into one where I want to be”, which I should never be forced to do.

I would not mind waiting in queue as long as this “being randomly put into a new instance of the city with very few players” thing can be avoided.

Adam Russell

Seems like EQ1 has the solution to that problem. They call them picks instead of layers, but the point is that if you are in the wrong pick you use the /pick command which brings up a window where you can choose which pick to go to. Mostly people use it to go to the less populated pick so they can find an open camp but it could be used the other way too.

Not sure why wow and lotro wouldnt trust their players to pick their own layer.


Because at one time in WoW you could in essence pick the layer you wanted to be on by just grouping with someone else on the other layer. The system was and still is abused like crazy to get rare spawns and boss spawns.

If the problem is people feel lonely in the new layers where there are less people part of that solution could be more in line with proxy players. In the less populated layers you would see proxy copies of characters from the more populated layer. The idea being that you remove proxy copies to allow a real player into the layer that way you always have the feeling of a very populated layer with the option to remove proxies as players log in and are put on that layer. You could still see and interact with players from all layers via the proxies but without the feeling of a empty world.

Sadly the problem of ques will never go away without layers. Only time and new tech and new ways of approaching problems will fix server overpopulation.

Bruno Brito


maydrock .


Bruno Brito



I’m really glad the layers have gone. The world feels really empty on servers with layers – a lot of servers now have a major problem with boosting, meaning there aren’t many people on them out levelling any more, and layers makes it worse. It’s good for the health of a game like classic wow.

A lot of the people who now only raid log seem to be up in arms though, as they may have queues to log in on the busiest servers. Not that they were forced to go on the busiest servers, and they had the option of free transfers off.