WoW Classic de-layers servers, causing queues to return


World of Warcraft Classic is one big happy family again — but maybe not quite that happy.

Following a decision to re-implement layering tech this past April to handle overpopulation issues, Blizzard announced on Friday that it was removing these layers for all of the realms.

“Over the weeks since several high-population realms were configured to allow two layers, and therefore twice as many concurrent players, we’ve carefully observed and tracked the player populations on those realms,” the studio said. “Our goal has been to reach a conclusion – a time at which we could safely ‘delayer’ and return those realms to the same population controls as every other realm. Today, we have done exactly that. All realms in this region are now operating without layers.”

Additionally, all temporary transfer restrictions between realms have been lifted. This delayering hasn’t come without a cost, however, as some of the higher population realms are starting to see login queues pop up as a result.

Source: World of Warcraft, Icy Veins. Cheers, Teppic!
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