Gamescom posts its viewing schedule ahead of tomorrow’s digital events


Back in April, the organizers behind Gamescom made the wise decision to not to play plague god but instead take the trade show virtual this year. Now, the event is upon us, and from Thursday through Sunday, viewers across the world are going to be able to soak in all of the gaming goodness and panels from their own homes.

There will be an opening show tomorrow at 2:00 pm eastern which will parade 38 games over the course of two hours. Over the following days, new games will be announced, although both Xbox and PlayStation declined to present a specific showcase for the event.

IGN is partnering with Gamescom and has posted a schedule of some of the reveals and trailers that are going to be happening over the show’s four days. For MMO fans, Dual Universe is going to reveal a new trailer and gameplay on Thursday, so if you’re interested in this upcoming space sim, make sure you don’t miss out on that.

You will be able to watch Gamescom through its YouTube channel.

Source: IGN, Gamescom

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Better things to do with my time so looking forward the reading a summary of everything once it’s all done and dusted (or watching a YouTube highlights if I really have to).

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I’m looking forward to Blizzard’s WoW shorts, though it’d be nice if we also got a Shadowlands launch date as well.