Black Desert counts 40M players as its PC version buffs music and adds new Shai instruments


Pearl Abyss has officially turned 10 years old today, and it’s brought some hard liquor to the party. Did I say hard liquor? I meant hard numbers, which might be less entertaining short-term but is significantly more interesting long-term!

Specifically, the Korean company says that Black Desert counts 40M players across four platforms and 150 countries, who’ve generated “nearly $2 billion” in revenue since the game’s initial launch (in Korea) in 2014. As we already know thanks to the quarterly financial reports, over 40% of that revenue was made in the west, and since PA is working on a bunch of new MMOs, including Crimson Desert, we’re expecting that number to just keep going up.

On the topic of Black Desert itself: The PC version of the MMORPG dropped a patch this week with a hodge-podge of tweaks, events, and even a login reward refresh as the Hashashin launch hoopla continues. The best bit is definitely the additions to the Shai class, and she now has access to five new instruments – record, cymbals, harp, piano, and violin – along with new musical scores and music log quests.

“After we updated the Compose & Play system, many adventurers have been enjoying this content. Particularly those in Taiwan, Thailand, Southeast Asia, Turkey and Russia have been composing their own songs and carrying out popular concerts amongst the adventurers. The reception was particularly above our expectations, and so we decided to add 2 additional instruments along with the 3 instruments we had originally planned on updating. For all adventurers in the world asking for more instruments, we hope this update will serve as a small gift from us. The added instruments are of the Beginner levels, as we plan on adding intermediate and advanced levels that will play better or worse depending on the adventurer’s music grade (you may end up going out of tune and producing awful sounds if attempting an instrument higher than your music grade). Also, we are currently looking at different ideas to make Compose & Play more approachable for all adventurers.”


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Just to be clear, WoW had 12 million CONCURRENT paying subscribers at its height. I suspect that ’40 million’ number for BD includes anyone and everyone that ever had an account, paid or not.

It would have had much more meaning and impact (and believable) if they had stated current concurrent and active daily average login numbers.

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or, since they have an optional subscription (actually they have 3, but who’s counting) they could list subscribers, but this isn’t about relevant data; this is about making yourself look as big as possible


Server haves limits how many can be playing at the sametime, don’t think they even have that many unless they had 50K server to pick from on a list.


I can guarantee you that worldwide, yes, BDO had more than 12 million active paying players at at least some point, concurrently.