Crowfall says its new Shadowbane-inspired class design will create an ‘explosion’ of build possibilities


Yesterday, several members of the Crowfall dev team sat for an AMA with DownToQuest Twitch, and while the whole broadcast isn’t up for non-subscribers as we type this, several fun clips are, with useful insight into the game’s development.

Notably, ArtCraft’s J. Todd Coleman discusses the overhaul for class design and balance. “The marching orders I had for the design team were – I literally told them – go back and look at Shadowbane. I want that level of customization and configuration of our races and our classes and our disciplines,” he says. “It’s one of the things I’m proudest of; it was unique in that it was a completely open-ended character build system. You could build a centaur gladiator warlord hunter bounty hunter scout – this ridiculous list that made up your class. And if you were like, I’m all those different things, except instead of scout I’m a werewolf, that was a totally different character build. So we’re gonna go back to that now, and I think you guys are gonna see it. It’s a little bit risky because it means the game is gonna get even more deep.”

He also promises that the game’s revamped class design will be a massive change for players, saying it’ll be as big a change as when the game deviated from its original MOBA-esque design and split apart races and classes. “The explosion of build possibilities that are going to come out of this is going to be in the six or seven figures of difference,” he vows. “It’s giant.”

The devs also discuss discipline changes and rewards too.

Source: Twitch, Twitter
Update 9/18
The whole stream is up now.

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