Legends of Aria provides a sneak peek at the Necrothium mines and heirloom items


The previews for Legends of Aria’s upcoming Outlands release are continuing to roll on with another peek at the game’s world and the new heirloom items that will be added with the update.

In the world preview, players are invited to the Necrothium mines, which house a mysterious mineral that reportedly burst forth from the walls as the miners dug in, either due to pressure from the strange air the mineral releases or due to its desire to be found according to the more superstitious.

As for heirloom items, they will be acquired through unique questlines and have a designated skill that can be gained, which also opens up new abilities, spells, craftables, or increased combat effectiveness. Players will only be able to equip one heirloom item, and heirlooms level up, though hitting maximum level will reportedly take a great deal of time and effort.

More previews are planned as the Outlands update inches closer to release, but for now players can get a look at these upcoming features.


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Nice to see that LoA has finally found it’s direction; sad to see that it’s as a group-based sandpark.