Legends of Aria’s Toil and Trouble season six content gets spookier and longer


It’s time to get spooked on in Legends of Aria as season six: Toil and Trouble is bringing all sorts of Halloween-style content for players to enjoy. And it’s making it available for longer besides.

This season introduces some new dynamic encounters in the form of Spooky Cauldrons in the West Valusia region of Southern Rim. These Cauldrons can either spawn one of two witch enemies or place a unique potion in player inventories, whether it’s a concoction that deals AoE damage or a potion that causes treats to appear that can be gathered by anyone. As for this season’s Chaos Zone, that can be found in the Brooks, while PvE and PvP players will get some unique skeletal horse mounts for their respective monthly rewards.

This season will also mark a new length of time for seasonal content in general, running for 60 days this time around as a result of player feedback. It’s all live as of today, October 12th, assuming the devs can get the kinks worked out, so now’s the time to get in the spirit.

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