Derek Smart’s MMO shooter Line of Defense shows a brief sign of life after two years of radio silence


You know him as the self-professed “internet warlord” and Star Citizen critic, but we have to remember that Derek Smart is also someone who is trying to make a game as well: the sci-fi MMO shooter Line of Defense, which has had its own rocky development history. Consider us a bit surprised, then, that the game has posted a new status update after a two year-long span of dead air, as MMO Fallout noticed.

The update itself isn’t particularly substantive: It notes that work on the “massive” engine port from Havok to Unreal has introduced a set of new PC system requirements and the DSS build will be updated to run on a private local or remote server, allowing the ability to navigate the game’s 13 scenes without being interrupted from other clients. The post also promises that there will be more news soon.

As we’ve previously covered, the game was pulled from Steam in 2016 over alleged review bombing, then went buy-to-play and picked up a console port team in 2017 ahead of a planned closed beta test. The patch and dev blog that followed in 2018 were among the last we’d heard about the game until this latest missive.

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