line of defense

Official Site: Line of Defense
Studio: 3000ad
Launch Date: September 16, 2014
Genre: Sci-Fi MMOFPS
Business Model: B2P
Platform: PC


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Dual Universe adds optimization updates as the first part of the incremental patch 0.25 rollout

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Derek Smart’s MMO shooter Line of Defense shows a brief sign of life after two years of radio silence

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The Repopulation improves island performance in its latest update

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Neverwinter previews its hellish Vallenhas transformation in Infernal Descent

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No Man’s Sky kicks off a new community research event and fixes numerous bugs in Update 2.12

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Monster Hunter World: 8.3M sold, PC performance drag, and Steam data

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Classic Guild Wars 1 just got a huge graphics update

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The path was found after all.

Whatever happened to Line of Defense, The Exiled, and Pathfinder Online?

Ever pause during your day and find yourself wondering, “Whatever happened to that game?” With hundreds upon hundreds of online titles these days, it’s surprisingly easy...

Alganon has been offline for two months, is now owned by Derek Smart’s 3000AD

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Ship of Heroes delves into space magic

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One Shots: Starlight, starbright

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It's the gift that keeps on taking.

Betawatch: Delays always win (August 4, 2017)

We realize that some of our readers are a bit younger, so we'd like to introduce you to a universal truism of life: Delays...

Derek Smart’s Line of Defense brings on secondary team for console version

Derek Smart's MMO Line of Defense has a progress update this week covering the state of the game's build. A new patch is on...
Mechanics include not having fangs to break.

Neverwinter’s titular city comes under siege

Sharpen those swords and practice those spells, because tomorrow you'll stop playing pretend and fight for real. Neverwinter is due for another catastrophic siege,...

Ship of Heroes upgrades its graphic engine

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