No Man’s Sky kicks off a new community research event and fixes numerous bugs in Update 2.12


There’s a fresh update for the (now) multiplayer sci-fi survival sandbox No Man’s Sky that provides a reason for more people to come together and complete objectives as well as steamrolls a huge laundry list of bugs. It’s part content, part band-aid, basically.

On the content side of things, the Nexus now has Community Research missions that every Traveller can take on to unlock some unique armor-styled exosuit cosmetics, with each piece unlocked through five different progression tiers. Players who complete missions will also get the chance at a Quicksilver reward mission once each day and a random opportunity at Encrypted missions for lucrative rewards. The event has no set end date, and players can keep track of how things are progressing by keeping eyes on the Galactic Atlas.

As for bug fixes, most of them are focused on general tweaks and VR improvements. PC VR and PSVR players can now look forward to better optimization, improved image quality, and several general PC optimizations, while bug fixes for LOD in the Space Anomaly, mission flow problems in standard Nexus missions, and a number of other updates have been added. You can get all of the pertinent information in the patch notes.


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