Dual Universe adds optimization updates as the first part of the incremental patch 0.25 rollout


Dual Universe does its release patching a little bit differently than most MMOs. It doesn’t unleash one large update and then iterate or adjust it as things go; it puts out updates in smaller pieces bit by bit. So it will be with the start of the patch 02.5 update process, which has introduced a couple of optimization improvements as the first of several planned feature releases.

Specifically, voxel compression has been added in an effort to improve how voxels are stored server-side and optimize player bandwidth usage going forward, and improvements have been made to construct LOD, loading in lower resolution versions of constructs when they’re viewed at a long distance to help improve frame rates and loading times. Additional features will be released incrementally, with more details coming soon. For now, that means a set of easy-to-read patch notes.


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Huge Fps gains for most people in this patch, the graphics update have mostly been good with some exceptions as snow. The newish development team also for the first time seems to have a plan.

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Almost time to check in on this again. It was so ugly and awkward at launch but I love the vision they have and hope they are making progress.