New World talks up its largest instanced fight ever, the Elite Sandwurm Trial


Currently on the New World test server, players are putting the game’s latest trial — a 20-player fight against a massive sandwurm — through its paces. In the midst of this testing cycle, Amazon’s team sat down for a video to discuss the lore and mechanics of this challenging raid.

According to the backstory, the sandwurms are ancient, intelligent beasts that were befriended by a local tribe and became the first line of defense against the Corruption. The hope is that by fighting another one in an arena, another such defender might be tamed.

Amazon said that the fight represents the biggest attempt at doing a raid in the MMO so far. While it’s just a single boss, the sandwurm will require a high amount of coordination. The 20 players attempting it will need to know their roles and use the environment to assign buffs and break down shields in order to progress the fight to its (hopefully lucrative) conclusion.

Source: YouTube
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