Tencent’s Undawn, an open-world survival RPG starring Will Smith, launches globally


If you want to get your new open world survival RPG noticed against the ever-expanding field of competitors, you need to have some sort of hook. Maybe it’s a unique setting or interesting mechanic.

Or maybe it’s snagging Will Smith for a major role in your game.

This last approach is what Undawn is taking as it recently launched globally on PC and mobile. The game itself looks like your pretty standard “try to make it in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies” experience. Players can hunt, fish, build, scavenge, and fight while also working to keep their character’s mood high.

The Unreal Engine 4 game features dynamic weather, a huge seamless map, base building, factional combat, 50 types of vehicles, and yes, Will Smith as a survivor named Trey Jones. It sounds like Smith’s character serves as a tutorial guide for the world, so chances are good that you’ll meet him early on.

Level Infinite (i.e., Tencent’s international branch) is talking up Undawn pretty hard: “With Undawn, the team took on an ambitious mission to create an open-world RPG that would redefine the survival genre. We’re excited for players to get to experience their vision come to life and truly immerse themselves in this massive post-apocalyptic adventure.”

Source: Press release, Undawn, Steam
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