The Repopulation improves island performance in its latest update


It’s fine if you add new things to your sandbox, but none of that will particularly matter if your game runs like butt. Ensuring that isn’t the case appears to be one of the primary focuses of the latest update to The Repopulation, which patched in a variety of performance improvements and optimizations.

Thanks to a number of bug reports and feedback points submitted by testers, players should experience some smoother gameplay in the form of crash fixes for several areas of the island, reduced file sizes, and a number of tweaks in order to increase LOD. There’s also been some fixes to scripts and changes to older quest dialogue and missions to fill out the island further.

Of course, there’s still lots of work to be done on The Repopulation, which moves towards an engine upgrade, which will effectively mean that there will be more frequent updates to the game moving forward. All of those details, along with more specifics on what was recently added, can be read in the patch notes and on the announcement post itself.

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