Dual Universe takes a close look at organizations, rights management, and ownership


Carving out a piece of the interstellar dream is likely going to be the driving motivator for most players of Dual Universe, whether it’s from the sweat of their brow or through a large-scale coordinated effort. It’s the latter that’s being discussed in the latest alpha 3 dev blog, which takes a deep dive into organizations, assigning rights and duties, and ownership of things like ships and territory.

Organizations are, in so many words, Dual Universe’s version of guilds. Organizations are structured by a number of members, one or several legates, and one super legate that founds the organization in question. Legates have the ability to create polls to make a number of decisions including whether to promote, demote, or exclude players and whether to disband the organization, with voting only happening among legates. Legates can also publish news bulletins for the organization.

What players can do within an organization is managed by the Rights and Duties Management System (RDMS), which effectively lets players assign an actor to have access to specific items like constructs or even doors. Only legates and super legates have access to creating these access rights.

Finally, the concept of ownership in Dual Universe is explained, which should be generally self-explanatory but has a couple of added wrinkles such as the addition of abandoned constructs and the return of territory units to let players and organizations claim ownership of territory. These ownership features also circle back to the construct trading feature that was showcased previously.

The entire system is a meaty one as is the associated dev blog, so it’ll be worth it to take it in yourself. Or you can simply wait for these features to land in alpha 3. You do you.

source: official site, thanks HolyAvengerOne