Star Wars: The Old Republic details the upcoming Feast of Prosperity event


Earlier in the month, we got word of several events arriving to Star Wars: The Old Republic, one of which being the all-new Feast of Prosperity. But just what is that, exactly? Luckily, fans have a new post to chew on.

The Feast of Prosperity will take place in Nar Shadaa (of course) and features two feuding Hutts (of course) that are trying to make the Cartel a well-known galactic power once again through a “charitable banquet” meant to draw high-dollar backers. This feud will unfold over the three week run of the event via story missions that players can take up every week, with the third mission asking players to choose which Hutt wins the fight.

Along the way, players will be asked to harvest rare ingredients from monsters in a variety of galactic locations, including from some of the game’s world bosses. There will also be cooking mini-games where players will need to craft dishes using “a keen memory and quick reflexes” and a Cantina Rush mini-game where players control server droids to maneuver around tables and deliver proper food orders on time.

All of this food-focused fricassee rewards Prosperity Tokens, which can be used to purchase a variety of event-themed goodies like cosmetics, Stronghold items, and food launchers. Better yet, Prosperity Tokens are bound to a player’s Legacy, so they’re shared among all characters on a player’s account. It all starts this coming Tuesday, October 20th, so SWTOR players are going to want to get ready to feast.


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Jim Bergevin Jr

Wow, this is the level the once mighty IP of Star Wars has sunk too. First the asinine Life Day was brought into the game. Now Jedi and Sith will be tasked with playing Overcooked. The bottom of the barrel is being scraped.


Sounds fun! I like that it has at least a basic storyline rather than being just random event tasks.

Kickstarter Donor
Java Jawa

Sounds fun, something chill!


Sounds fun! I was in the mood to play a bad guy character yesterday (because it’s Halloween and all!) and was going to dip back into one of my Sith but alas the game is no longer installed. I guess I’ll have to get it reinstalled for this!