Lord of the Rings Online’s paid fall quest pack is arriving ‘shortly’ as world transfers re-open

Lord of the Rings Online’s paid fall quest pack is arriving ‘shortly’ as world transfers re-open

Lord of the Rings Online’s fall DLC, which the studio is trying to market as a “mini-expansion,” should be coming within the next week or so. “War of Three Peaks arrives shortly,” SSG tweeted on Sunday. “Stay tuned for more information in the coming days.”

So far, the studio is refusing to give specifics on what exactly comes in the quest pack. When pressed on the details of these editions, SSG Community Manager Jerry “Cordovan” Snook said, “We intend to unveil the details of War of Three Peaks packages when those packages are available to purchase. That will happen on the day of release.”

Meanwhile, there’s some good news for players who want to hop between servers: Game world transfers and shared item transfers have re-opened on all active realms. This does not apply to bringing over characters from closed worlds, however, a utility that has been offline for the last year.

Source: Twitter, LOTRO


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Vincent Clark

I’d love to hear an objective response from Massively staff on Snook’s statement regarding the release of details for the the mini expansion packages.

Especially in context of the multitude of gaffs we’ve seen of SSG lately…

SSG seems to operate in a bubble, throwing expected communication norms of other, more successful developers to the wind for haphazard… and sometimes detached and borderline ambivalent means of engaging the very people who keep them employed.


At this point, I have to wonder if the characters we left on closed worlds are just gone. And SSG does not want to admit it because oh boy.