Dual Universe drops new voxel creation trailer, explains how it’ll protect individual creator blueprints

I made this.

Let’s outline a scenario. You make a blueprint for a great ship inĀ Dual Universe. Your acquaintance Trab asks you for the blueprint, which he takes and then alters to be almost identical but with text implying that you smell like sweaty farts on the side. Trab then resells it to everyone. Isn’t that bad? Yes, and that’s why the game’s developers have taken steps to ensure that blueprints respect the IP rights of the person who first came up with the design while preventing others from alteration.

While a blueprint’s creator may edit the design and create single-use blueprints for others, the extra blueprints do not allow for editing and simply allow for limited construction of one individual item based on the initial design. You can also alter DRM flags for the individual blueprints if, for example, you want to allow everyone access to the blueprint that you’ve made. Check out the full explanation for more details, and take heart that Trab’s line of knockoff ships will never sully your name. You should stop being friends with Trab.

In other, less-Trabby Dual Universe news, Novaquark dropped a new trailer this morning showcasing the game’s voxel infrastructure. “Nearly everything in this video has been built by our community,” the studio says.

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