PlayStation 5 launch is officially the biggest console launch in history


The┬áPlayStation 5 has a lot to recommend it. It has backwards compatibility with a good library of games. It’s rather nice to look at. It has current games. It makes you feel like you’ve gotten a rare toy. For all those reasons and more, it has apparently managed to surpass the sales of its immediate predecessor, the PlayStation 4. That means that not only does the console apparently have the biggest launch in the history of the brand, it’s also the biggest console launch ever.

Keep in mind that we don’t yet know exact numbers; the announcement made by the official Twitter simply states that it’s bigger than the PS4, which sold 2.1 million units during its launch window. That could mean the PS5 moved 2.2 million or 4.2 million, really. There’s also the promise of more availability moving forward, so if you’re one of the people who has yet to be able to get a PS5, take heart that it’s temporary.

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