Ultima Online’s New Legacy will introduce family surnames and heraldry


In September 2020, Ultima Online studio Broadsword announced something new for the 23-year-old MMORPG: New Legacy, which is basically a shard for newbies with a simplified ruleset and proper onboarding for the game’s complex systems. The studio has stressed that it’s not a fresh start or classic server but rather a new style of server with seasonal time limits that’ll eventually push players to production shards.

Broadsword has been putting out little previews of some of the key differences between the servers. Last month, there was a deep-dive into the new server’s climate and weather systems. The latest newsletter dips into another new addition to the game: family surnames and heraldry.

“One of the core features of Ultima Online: New Legacy is our brand new legacy system! This system consists of several in-game items that will help forge your new Britannian Legacy! Players will be able to select a unique family surname to identify their characters for generations to come! One of the ways to showcase your family surname will be with Heraldry Banners. Heraldry Banners come with a number of customizable options including shape, color, and sigil!”

UO is currently in the midst of its Thanksgiving celebration and the newly introduced Forest of the Dark event. The studio also said that it’s offering a “one-time reprieve” for banned accounts, save those accounts banned for duping, slurs, fraud, or impersonating staff.

Source: Newsletter
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