Lord of the Rings Online composer revives his music company after ponzi scheme fiasco


Two years after fraud ruined his company, Chance Thomas is back.

The Academy Award-winning composer (and composer of great portions of Lord of the Rings Online’s soundtrack) announced this week that he’s bringing his company back from financial ruin. “Two years after fraud destroyed HUGEsound, I’ve finally extracted the record company,” Chance said. “This includes music from Lord of the Rings Online and some of my film scores. All will be available publicly in coming weeks.”

Back in December 2018, Chance revealed that his sound studio’s parent company became embroiled in a ponzi scheme that ended up cascading and taking down HUGEsound. “We all lost our jobs, we lost wages and benefits, and the incredible things we had been building — all went away in the blink of a judge’s eye,” he said at the time.

Chance helped to compose many memorable pieces of LOTRO’s score, including the original launch and the Mines of Moria, Riders of Rohan, and Mordor expansions.

Source: Twitter
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