Fall Guys Season 3 adds new wintry costumes, new obstacle courses, and Crown Ranks on December 15


There’s a snow storm coming, with slippery ice, lots of snow, and a number of plush hazards meant to bat you aside. It’s winter in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, and it’s bringing a whole bunch of new content to the obstacle course-running battle royale title.

One of the primary features of this new update is the addition of Crown Ranks, a new set of rewards for victorious players to chase. The more Crowns players grab with every match, the higher their Crown Rank rises, resulting in completely unique rewards like gold-plated cosmetics and exclusive colors and patterns to dress up their bean. As for those who keep falling short of the Crown, there are a host of other thematic outfits to look forward to as well.

The game’s Twitter account has also been particularly active, showcasing some of the seven new courses that are arriving with Season 3 including Pengwin Pursuit, Ski Fall, and Thin Ice. There’s also a new trailer that debuted during the Game Awards below, while players can look forward to all the winter-themed shenanigans tomorrow, December 15th.

sources: PlayStation Blog, Twitter (1, 2, 3)

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