Blizzard offers a plethora of game discounts with its holiday sale this year

Have some stuff.

We don’t really like advertising sales consistently here on Massively Overpowered because we already have actual advertising on the site and that costs money. But this year’s sales from Blizzard are, well… pretty huge for in-game stuff. Basically every game has steep discounts on its various editions, and most games offer something more for fans like the new Woof Pack bundle for World of Warcraft (two mounts and two pets for the price of one mount normally).

Looking at Overwatch? There are discounts on the game as well as a free-play event for everyone to give it a shot. Curious about Diablo III? Every edition of the game is steeply discounted whether you need portions of it or the entirety of the game. Heroes of the Storm? Individual heroes are on sale. Warcraft III: Reforged? Conspicuously absent from the sale entirely. Check it out if you’ve got a big Blizzard fan in your life or want to pick up a thing or two for yourself… or both.


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Danny Smith

Man just think about all those fresh, well supported titles in this roster to pick up now in 2020!

Theres uh… shadowlands.

and… hearthstone boosters? i guess?