Bless Unleashed shares a final list of improvements for the PC closed beta


The devs of Bless Unleashed have talked about combat improvements for the upcoming PC beta test. They’ve talked about UI improvements. Now it’s time to talk about… well, everything else. Or at least the features that don’t necessarily fit into their own little box.

The last post detailing changes made for CBT2 talk mostly about visuals, specifically LPV lighting and tessellation tricks to make the game’s textures look nice and crispy. The post also talks about a number of changes to the Dream Dungeon tutorial area, with overall lowered difficulty and additional guides for moving, switching views, jumping, aiming, and using items. Finally, the PC beta will have camera zooming controlled via mouse scroll wheel, which honestly seems like it should have been in sooner but it’s there now.

As a reminder, pre-registration for the next PC beta is running up until January 10th. And if you’re looking to hear more about what the devs at Round 8 Studio have learned for this next round of PC-specific beta testing, make sure to check out our interview.

source: Steam
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