Bless Unleashed opens up pre-registration for its next PC closed beta and notes upcoming improvements


For those who are curious about Bless Unleashed but aren’t curious enough to just play the game on console, then your time to add your name to the PC closed beta testing hat has come. The game has announced that pre-registration for a second CBT is now available between now and January 10th, 2021, simply asking for players to submit an email address and agree to a couple of terms regarding personal information collection and transmission — specifically, said email address.

As for what’s coming up with CBT2, Bless Unleashed’s Steam page has more information on that front, outlining a lowered entry level for dungeons, a variety of changes to the Crusader class, faster attack speeds, and fewer button presses needed for combos to accommodate keyboard and mouse users.

sources: Twitter, Steam

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This is just a Console port to PC. UI is ugly as fuck.


They actually got feedback concerning that in the last CB, and it is something they are working on fixing. It will be of interest to me to see how those changes shake out.


Once bitten twice shy, you know what I mean? I’ve played Blessed on my PC before. And to be honest I gave it a really great fair-shake before realizing it was DOA.

So. why do this again? Yeah, it’s not the same game. But, is it really not the same?

Vanquesse V

It’s a functional game, so it’s very much not the same as O.G. Bless.
Having said that, I have no idea why they didn’t use a name that doesn’t call back to that scam