Bless Unleashed highlights UI and UX adjustments coming to PC in the next closed beta


With the next PC closed beta looming for Bless Unleashed, the devs are keen to showcase how they’re making changes to accommodate players on the platform. Previously, there was talk about general gameplay adjustments, but in the latest post it’s all about the UI and UX experience.

A number of mouse-specific UI features will be in CBT2, including the ability to close windows with a right-click, a fix to the mouse pointer’s position, and the option to smash the left mouse button to skip NPC dialogue. The PC version is also getting several chat window improvements like a global/region chat window, prevention of automatic text entry, a feature that lets players post the same message with a press of the Enter key (oh goodie), and the ability to halt chatscroll for those who have a message in chat selected.

These updates and a few others might not be earth-shattering developments in terms of closed beta features, but for those who prefer their MMOs on PC, these upcoming adjustments are likely worth the look.

source: Steam
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