WRUP: The ultimate fates of all the neighborhood Christmas trees edition

merr crismas

The Douglas household: Thrown in the garbage.

The Foster household: Thrown in the garbage.

The Michaels household: Thrown in the garbage.

The Johannsen household: Artificial; will be used for three more Christmases before it is thrown in the garbage.

The Winston household: Artificial; will be thrown in the garbage anyhow.

The Burgess household: Tree will be sent off to college, where it will have a chance to study something of real merit, ultimately emerging with a degree in psychoanalysis ahead of pursuing a doctorate. Will give a moving speech about how no one believed it was anything more than a Christmas tree, but was given a chance to excel and make something of itself. Marries a man named Kenneth.

The Parker household: As above, but when the tree is about to graduate, garbage men take it and it resigns itself to its fate.

The Lancaster household: Answers What Are You Playing. Then thrown in the garbage.

Bonus question: Did you get anything neat over the holiday?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Pokemon Go is happening mostly because of the holidays but also because I’m trying to get a perfect Snover for Mega Evolution. I do not admit to any shiny hunting that may or may not happen. Animal Crossing getting some love as one of my villagers has a Christmas birthday, plus I got some spare stuff I’m giving out. I might fire up Pokemon Sword again if I can motivate myself.

I got a few kind words over the holiday. In 2020, that means a lot to me. Also chocolate. Which I also got, and hence the need to walk. Thank god no one can see chocolate smudges underneath my mask!

Ben Griggs (@braxwolf): Probably some World of Warships and Elite Dangerous. In E:D I’m on my first exploration trip and loving it! I just entered the Eagle Nebula and have been mapping new systems the whole way out.

I got a copy of Letters from Father Christmas by JRR Tolkien and a new Razer gaming mouse for Christmas

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Likely no gaming for me this weekend. We’re still renovating the new house and slowly getting stuff moved over before the real movers get here. But oh crap, I gotta flip my Star Wars Galaxies Legends harvesters too. Wish I could decorate this like in an MMO!

Best thing I got was my first house!

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): It’s probably going to be more of my usual with some space truckin’ in Elite Dangerous and some RP and leveling of Samurai in Final Fantasy XIV, as well as some more Nova season server leveling up in Black Desert because boy is that class fun as hell.

My husband gave me some Steam Wallet cards which I’ve already used to snap up a few things; namely Hades, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, Phasmophobia, and some ARX for Elite to dress up my character in pretty outfits.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Aside from FFXIV I’ve been tempted by finally picking up a game or two on my Steam wishlist. Oh, and I have a review project to work on over the weekend; that’ll pretty much fill up the time.

My wife got me a Lego chess set that I can’t wait to assemble! It’s a really neat set with lovely colors.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): I’m looking forward to a quieter weekend of World of Warcraft, as I’m getting settled with my new level 60 Death Knight. There’s so much to do, so it’s all about sifting what should be done first and what I want to do first.

For Christmas, I got a two-seat kayak, so I’ll be sitting here waiting for the snow to melt in order to take my kids out on the creek. Still waiting. Still waiting.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): I’ll be playing Guild Wars 2 Wintersday for the dailies but that’s about it. I did start up Ikenfell. It seems really quaint but thematic. I’m digging it.

I received a bottle of truffle hot sauce. Very different, but very good!

Tyler Edwards (blog): The answer to both questions is the same: A friend got me Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. I’ve never been an Assassin’s Creed guy, but I love ancient Norse culture, so this seemed worth a try, and so far it’s more fun than I expected.

Pierre, patron: I got tired of Cyberpunk 2077 very fast. It’s a very good game, but just as with The Witcher, I get bored playing it quite rapidly. So I took a pause and will try again later when there are fewer immersion breaking bugs, as they contribute to get me bored even faster. But I found something to occupy myself this winter – I’m playing Escape From Tarkov in beta. There was a complete wipe yesterday and everyone is starting on a fair basis (except all the long time players know the maps by heart); I’m well set up to spend hundreds of hours in this one.

Bonus question: I didn’t see my family at the moment, but will meet them in a few days, so nothing noticeable for the moment on my side. Merry Christmas to you all MOP readers and let us know what you’re playing these days.

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