Black Desert brings the Nova’s Awakening and Succession in latest update to PC and console


As is ever the case for classes in Black Desert, it’s now time for the Nova to choose between mastering her existing kit or taking up some new skills. Awakening and Succession for the Nova class has officially started for both PC and console versions of the game, along with some events to celebrate the class’ new levels of power.

The Succession Nova sees the class make a pact with Axian, the King of the Dead, adding the monstrous figure to several of the Nova’s attacks as well as empowering her morning star with HP and SP recovering effects. The Awakened Nova, meanwhile, trades her shield and flail in for a rapier that can transform into a scythe and gains access to a Star’s Breath resource that builds with successive enemy defeats and increases attack power and speed when fully built up. A rundown of what each form of the Nova can take is provided on the PC version’s website.

Both PC and console versions of the game are also seeing similar level up events that grant a variety of goodies like Gold Bars, Advice of Valks, Black Crystal Shards and more as the Nova moves from level 58 to 61. Naturally, there are other updates in each version’s respective patches as well such as increased Devour efficiency for console, some exclusive content for the winter season server on PC, and more. All the information can be found in their respective patch notes.

sources: press release, Black Desert PC site (1, 2, 3), Black Desert console site (1, 2)

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