Torchlight III is coming to Xbox Game Pass next week


After a not-quite-so-spectacular launch season for Torchlight III, the team at Echtra Games is hoping that it can bolster the online ARPG going into 2021. Step one in this diabolical plan? Get the title out on Xbox Game Pass.

This actually is happening rather soon: Torchlight III is scheduled to come out on the service next week on January 14th. While Torchlight III released on Xbox last fall, getting it listed on the subscription service will no doubt increase the population of curious gamers who might not otherwise pony up the full price for the buy-to-play game.

Torchlight III took home the dubious honor of “Biggest MMO Disappointment of 2020” from Massively OP due to downscaling from an MMO to a small-scale multiplayer experience.

Source: Xbox via MMO Fallout

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James Crow

already have it on my pc and my xbox at my gf, sadly without cross platform i dont see any reason why to install it


I get how Game Pass is a good deal for Microsoft. It’s basically a recurring subscription *on top* of the recurring subscription they already charge their console players for XBox Live.

I don’t understand how it’s a good deal for game devs (or even other publishers) at all though. Clearly there’s some level of hyper-quantum mathmatics where not getting any money directly from customers is somehow a good idea though, because there’s about a bazillion games signed on, including relatively new releases.

James Crow

its worth it bc those devs have a deal with microsoft, sometime its just to get players in the game and then make them buy it when the game left the pass, sometime its right before an expansion so people would buy the exp if they like the game.

and there are cases when its just a nice extra cash up-front.


Oh boy I can get this for free!

…and I still don’t want it :|

Kickstarter Donor

Honestly…it’s worth a spin if you have Game Pass. Some of the bigger issues remain (corridor-based maps being a biggy), but as of the December update it’s in a pretty good spot, IMO.