Neverwinter brings back the fight against the Harvester of Nightmares on January 14


Nightmares can’t hurt you, unless you’re among the digital populace of Neverwinter, in which case you most assuredly can be brought to harm as you conjure up nightmare food induced by a ravening Feywild entity. Luckily for those folks, the adventurers of the MMORPG are on the case thanks to a returning Harvester of Nightmares event.

Between January 14th and February 4th, players can take on this spooky threat by entering the creature’s realm, clearing out the nightmares plaguing the sleep of citizens enough to starve the Harvester, and then taking it head-on as it attacks. This isn’t an adventure for just anyone, however: players will need to be level 80 and have a minimum 18,000 Item Level to participate.

As for the point of participation, it’s all about a job well done rewards. Hopping in to the event on a regular basis rewards a variety of tokens that can be used to purchase several things such as character buffs, boost items, and the ability to buy a Golden Warhorse mount among other things. There are a number of requisites to bear in mind in terms of how many tokens can be earned and from where, so players will want to read through the post for all of the specifics.


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