Ashes of Creation gears up for more alpha playtests this spring


It’s always fun to see game studios and developers stagger back into the (virtual) office after the holiday break, trying to remember what it was that they were doing and gearing up for a new year. Among this crowd is Intrepid Studios’ Steven Sharif, who posted a creative director’s letter to look both back and forward on Ashes of Creation’s progress.

Sharif recapped 2020, saying that the team made “the best of an usual circumstance.” Intrepid hired 27 more devs in the past six months and announced that it will open an office in Amsterdam later this year to handle publishing the MMO in the EU and CIS regions. The year culminated in the (still-recent) Alpha One preview playtest.

So what’s to come in early 2021? First up will be a trio of Alpha One test over the winter and early spring. Sharif warned that this is a “true developmental alpha” that will certainly be buggy and incomplete. A brand-new website for the MMO also is coming next month, as is word of whether or not Intrepid will be selling more alpha keys.


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Sarah Cushaway

Is it still forced PVP?
Hard pass.


Why do you keep posting this? It’s like clicking on every article about WoW and saying “still cartoony art style? still a hard pass.”


It’s just a troll account, just ignore it.


Lookin forward to it.

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Dean Greenhoe

I plan on jumping in and joining the testing for the April/May alpha testing.


Nice update, with good gameplay video. Good to see them expanding – I’ve read they will be hiring few dozens of people this month, and they already have 60 employees according to LinkedIn (I know it is not an accurate way of tracking how many people work for company but it is close enough). Oh, and “We saw thousands of players join 5 separate servers during our testing period” – that’s a pretty impressive level of enthusiasm. I remember logging into test server for a “beta” of a different game that is also currently in development, where I only saw like 11 people according to chat window, with one of them being a chat logging bot. Easy to guess which one of them will most likely be popular at the launch ;-)