Blade & Soul outlines the next round of system changes arriving in the five year anniversary update


Sure, the next update to Blade & Soul is all about marking five years of operation, but that’s not all that’s happening. As is ever the case for updates to the action combat MMORPG, there are another round of system changes and updates in the works as well, which have been handily outlined in a new update post.

Top of the list is a new Heart tier which adds additional Attack Power, Critical, and HP, as well as a chance to trigger a strike that deals 900% of Attack Power at five stacks. There are also updates coming to the PvP weapons scene, with new weapons available to earn and mythical enchantment opening up for Realmkeeper weapons. Finally, some smaller updates are coming in the form of antiquating Dragonfang Orbs, the daily quest from the Drowning Deeps no longer being eligible for daily challenges, and a new daily quest for completing hard dungeons.


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