Project Gorgon works on a patch with new animations and low-end PC optimizations


There’s a fresh patch in the works for Project Gorgon, and while there hasn’t been any sort of update notes or other announcement for it yet, we know as much thanks to the game’s Twitter account, which kicked out a couple of brief updates on what to expect.

This new patch will feature a new animation system as well as some “fancy new experimental new optimization,” which should make the game run smoother on lower-end PCs, especially when those players are in open field areas. That all said, the animation system that’s being worked on has run afoul of a couple of bugs that are forcing the patch to delay to sometime later this week.

source: Twitter (1, 2)

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Project Gorgon is a game that really interests me, but I hesitate to invest time in because of potential wipes.


Do they really have performance issues in Project Gorgon? I mean, it’s running an engine that looks about like you were playing DDO first-person view.


Graphics hardly matter when it comes to Optimization. I can make a game of nothing but low-poly blocks in an open and empty space, but if the game’s code isn’t implemented right then even the highest specced computer could chug and struggle with it.

If this was a conventional game, optimizing the client would have waited til the game was nearing the end of Beta and being readied for release. Because it isn’t though, and they have to balance development alongside client optimization and clean-up? Then its coming in portions here and there.

Like… Remember when ‘Multi-Core Processors’ were new? Games were not optimized for it, and it took a while after before they even started touching on and working that out. But games would struggle and chug even if the computers specs were above requirements because of that.


Yeah RIFT had that issue with my quad core laptop that was high end as far as laptops go (was able to run Arkham City and other games from around that period just fine, SWTOR was another mess). Took them til post-Storm Legion (2013? with the game coming out in 2011) I think before they adjusted things to better work with multi-core processors.

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DDO? I bought it because it reminds me of EQ!

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Around the time of steam launch 50 people at the Inn would sometimes bring game to a crawl until you could get away from that vicinity.