CD Projekt Red is the victim of a cyber attack compromising its systems and ransoming its data

No player information appears to have been compromised

Cyberpunk means many things.

The time since the Cyberpunk 2077 release has not been a good one for CD Projekt Red, and it appears to have gotten worse now in a way that is unrelated to bugs, lawsuits, or other such antics. The company confirmed on Twitter that it had been targeted by a direct and malicious cyber attack that supposedly breached the company’s security, compromising a variety of existing data archives including what it claims serves as source code for several games (including Cyberpunk) and various HR documentation. The hackers are apparently trying to ransom the files back.

CDPR was quick to point out that it does not believe at this time any personal data for players was compromised during the attack and is already in the process of restoring from backups and re-securing its infrastructure. There’s definitely a sort of manifest irony in the idea of the company being the target of a malicious attack in this particular manner, being that this is a company currently best-known for releasing a cyberpunk game where hackers thrive, but we’re still mostly hopeful that no one’s personal information has been compromised and all those responsible are located and brought to justice.

Source: Twitter
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