Fallout 76 preps the return of the PTS and next week’s Fastnacht Day celebrations


Bethsoft is planning an “action-packed week in Appalachia” in this week’s edition of the Fallout 76 newsletter, and that’s because the team is sending you all to the PTS. Yes, the test server is reopening in the “next week” with the spring update Bethsoft has already teased, including the new loadout system and C.A.M.P. slot upgrades. Folks who participate will unlock a sweet new pennant for their C.A.M.P.s, provided they spend at least one hour per day across three different days while it’s up.

In the nearer future, players can gear up for Fasnacht Day starting February 16th, one of the rarer holidays celebrated in online games.

“It’s nearly time to meet up with the Master of Ceremonies and all your favorite Helvetian bots for an explosive jaunt around town, because Fasnacht Day is almost here! Dust off your mask collection, grab a festive costume, and join fellow Dwellers in Helvetia on Tuesday, February 16. During this near weeklong celebration, we’ll bid farewell to Old Man Winter, welcome the coming Springtime, and earn a few rewards along the way. As a reminder, Fasnacht Day has two parts: First, the Master of Ceremonies will ask you to find and aid nearby Protectrons with party prep, like gathering meal ingredients, decorating, playing musical instruments, and more. Then, you’ll meet the bots at the center of town to join in the Fasnacht Parade. Defend the Protectrons until they reach the end of their route, and you’ll earn some loot. The more parade marchers that survive, the higher your chances to get rare rewards. There are also three fantastic new Fasnacht Masks up for grabs this year, so be sure to join the parade every hour at the top of the hour!”

Finally, Bethsoft has released the Steel Dawn soundtrack for Justin. And for everyone else, but mostly Justin.


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Really wish they’d stop using Fasnacht as a filler event and actually put more holiday stuff in the game beyond cash shop items.

Vanquesse V

They’re running the whack-a-mole-miner for treasure boxes event across the full map this weekend. Last I saw that one it was only in low level areas (back before scaling), so it made the event basically worthless

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Tobasco da Gama

Fasnacht parade on actual Fasnacht? Sounds weird, but ok.