Conan Exiles gets closer to cracking crashing issues on Xbox One and update parity with PC


It’s time to turn the page once again on the ongoing battle with crashing issues for Conan Exiles on Xbox One. Readers will recall that the devs were looking to address crashes when connecting to an official server, and the latest producer update announces that the most recent patch has cracked it. Sort of.

“This update did not fix every instance of dashboarding or crashing in the game, but it has shown significant impacts in engagement length and play time (both increased by 10-15%).”

Producer Scott Junior notes that this patch will be the last one before updates 2.3 and 2.4, the former of which will bring all the changes that are currently out on the PC version of the game. Both 2.3 and 2.4 will bring additional optimizations to console versions like memory-saving updates to game item objects, updates to the fixed object pool, texture adjustments, and a number of smaller tweaks that will save memory on both the client and server. A release date for these updates isn’t ready yet, but further details will be shared after 2.3 has arrived to PC.


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I’ve been having fun recently reading about Valheim’s difficulty curve and so on, because those articles make me think ‘Mm-hm, try being an exile man, because we know all about the hard-knock life.’ :D


“… the most recent patch has cracked it…”

I don’t think ‘cracked it’ means what you think it means.

A 10% to 15% increase in play time between crashes is most likely someone tweaked a parameter somewhere and it made a difference. But they have no idea why.

If they new the real reason for the crashes, I am sure they would fix it immediately.


I also had the impression that the game is crashing almost immediately on XBox. So if they’ve extended the playtime between crashes by up to 15% and crashes were happening in less than ten minutes or something… that’s not really a relevant amount.

It does make sense that they’ve otherwise paused updating the Xbox version though. If the whole game is a Jenga tower that falls over constantly, there isn’t much point in adding *more bricks.* It will just make finding the faulty brick even harder.