Albion Online discusses the faction rankings and rewards coming with the Call to Arms update

Fight the other people.

One of the spotlight pieces of content coming to Albion Online in the Call to Arms update is the adjustments to faction warfare, but what’s the point of signing up for a faction if you can’t really tell what you’re getting for your trouble? That’s where ranking comes in, which has been broken down by the devs in a recent post as well as a video from director Robin Henkys.

All of the details of faction standing are outlined in the Faction Screen, which shows current overall faction rankings, faction rewards, and the player’s personal faction campaign progress and rank. Campaigns will run for a month, while ranks measure character loyalty to their faction as well as contribution, with lower ranks similar for all factions and higher ranks that are unique to each city and are more challenging to attain.

Higher ranking also affects how many points players earn, which can be used at the Faction Store to unlock Faction City Hearts, Faction Crests for capes, and elite Faction Mounts. There are also chests full of rewards for completing campaign milestones to earn. Finally, factions that aren’t doing so well can offer higher point earning rates and could even allow players to retain part of their rank as an enticement to join, while factions that are more successful will pay out fewer points and will be less willing to take on new recruits.

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